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Degree Art History and managing the artistic heritage    

The degrees are the new degrees that result from the adaptation of the old bachelor's degrees in the European Higher Education Area; this means that they are immediately approved throughout the European Union.

The Degree in History of Art and Management of Artistic Heritage is a pioneering degree and in tune with the reality and new expectations of the historical-artistic and cultural heritage of the Europe of the 21st century. A degree aimed at professional training of new graduates: up to date, prepared, capable, competent, dynamic, entrepreneurial and decisive; with a solid formation and with the basic knowledge of the history of general or universal art.

This is the first grade of its kind in the Catalan university system that prioritizes the protection and management of historic-artistic heritage. Given that it corresponds to graduates in art history the competence and responsibility to teach, disseminate, defend and preserve the artistic, musical and audiovisual heritage.